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Keloid/Atopic/Hypertropic Scar Treatment

The appearance of keloid, atopic and hypertrophic scar may deter confidence, especially if it is at a visible area. Though it may not be completely removed, some treatments may help lighten it. Some of the characteristics of keloid and hypertrophic scars are:

  • Scars being raised above the surrounding skin
  • A hard and rubbery texture
  • The scar will appear red or purple at first, before turning brown or pale

Types of Keloid/Atopic/Hypertropic Scar



Hypertrophic Scar

Hypertrophic Scar


Some of our most popular keloid/atopic/hypertropic treatments in Malaysia include:

Intralesional Steroid Injection

This injection has anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce the size of the scar. Multiple sessions may be needed to see improved results.


Topical medication helps to reduce the size and colour of the scar. However, it will take longer to see improvements.

Long Pulse Laser (GentleMAX Pro) - Non-invasive

This long pulse laser can effectively reduce vascularization of keloid tissue by limiting blood supply to the keloid scar, and it can also help reduce the colouration of the scar.

Minor Surgical / Invasive Laser

Surgical removal of the lesion might be needed for certain scars. Only an experienced doctor will perform the treatment.


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