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Mole and Skin Tag

Mole is a common benign skin lesion caused by local proliferation of melanocytes. Pigmented nevus can be brown or black. They can be congenital or acquired.

Mole occurrence are sporadic, where fair skinned individuals are more prone to having moles. Melanocytic nevi that appear during childhood tend to be more persistent throughout life. Acquired nevi during adulthood may fade away later on.

Skin tag is usually harmless, made up of loosely arranged collagen fibres and blood vessels surrounded by a thickened or thinned-out epidermis.

They look like a lesion hanging off the skin, skin color or darker, 1mm-5cm in size. Commonly found in skin folds (neck, armpit, groin), more in number in obese and diabetes type 2 patients.

Causes of Mole and Skin Tag

Genetic Factors


Types of Mole and Skin Tag



The white pimple turn red and grow in size


Inflammation exacerbates pus


A lump of sebum protrudes red
Hard lumps are caught and heat and pain occur


Some of our most popular mole and skin tag treatments in Malaysia include:

Minor Surgical / Invasive Laser

Surgical removal or the use of invasive laser on the lesion might be needed. Only an experienced doctor will perform the treatment.


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