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Laser Hair Removal

Stop shaving and waxing! Instead, destroy the hair follicles right at the source and worry no more with one of the best laser treatments for hair removal in Malaysia.

  • Smoother skin
  • Tighten pores
  • Regain healthy-looking skin
  • Feel more confident about yourself

Safe – GentleMax Pro is a safe and widely used laser machine

No Downtime – Patient can get back to daily routine right after treatment

Skin protection – Laser directly targets the hair follicles, hence no skin damage


Some of our most popular laser hair removal treatments in Malaysia include:

GentleMAX Pro

Hair removal lasers are most effective in the anagen phase because hair matrix cells are dividing rapidly, and melanin load is at its highest. They will then migrate from its shaft outward.

The anagen phases vary with body location. Not all the hairs are at the same stage at any one time. Hence, laser treatment must be repeated to capture new hairs entering the anagen phase.

The heat produced by the light can damage the tube-shaped sacs that produce hairs. This will inhibit or delay future hair growth.

Ahmed M.Contractor
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I wanted my beard shape to be sleeker and in shape. I get the clean-cut line that I have always wanted with this treatment.
Audrey A.Freelance
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The doctor and therapist are friendly and helpful. The treatment was painless for me. I noticed that there is lesser and lesser hair after a few treatments.


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