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Weight Loss

Tried endlessly to diet and exercise, but the weight is still the same as before? Ozhean offers a safe, effective and non-invasive weight loss treatment. Our treatment aims to:

  • Get to know the healthier you
  • Reach your ideal body size
  • Feel more confident about yourself

With the aim to decrease your overall body weight, our weight loss treatment includes a disciplined diet, workout, and some external help, such as supplements and medication. Our doctors will first examine your condition and advise you on the best possible method to achieve your ideal body weight safely and healthily.

Causes of Weight Loss

Genetic Factors

Hormonal Change




Some of our most popular weight loss treatments in Malaysia include:

HCG Diet

Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG) hormone is a natural body hormone found in our body, especially during pregnancy. It helps to break down stored fats and supply energy to the baby. Generally, it can be used in low dosages to break down stored fats and increase our metabolic rate. HCG diet is a combination of low calories diet with the injection of HCG hormone. The HCG hormone causes body fat (visceral fat) to be released into the bloodstream, fueling your body. It helps boost metabolism and lose significant amounts of fat without feeling hungry while maintaining muscle mass.

Oral Medication

It is an FDA approved medication to control/reduce appetite and stimulate the body to burn calories faster. The medicine acts as an appetite suppressant by directly affecting the brain area that controls appetite. It is an FDA approved medication to treat obesity and is only available with a doctor's prescription. It is used to suppress our appetite, and hence, named an appetite suppressant.

Sa xen da®

It is an FDA approved injectable prescription medicine. It is used initially by diabetic patients to control their insulin levels. The content of Sa xen da is similar to a hormone (GLP-1) that is secreted naturally by the stomach when the stomach is being stretched by food during food intake, which gives us the feeling of being full/satiety. Scientists are able to prolong this hormone's half-life to sustain longer in our body which subsequently leads to reduced calorie intake as we feel fuller for longer periods. This medication is extremely helpful for those who have snacking issues.

BHRT Therapy

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is the process of treating hormonal imbalances with bioidentical hormones in both man and woman. The three most common hormonal imbalance diseases that will cause weight gain are:

ⅰ. Hypothyroidism
ⅱ. Androgen insufficiency – for men
ⅲ. Polycystic ovarian syndrome – for women

Bioidentical hormones are derived from plant estrogens. Before the treatment, the patient will first need to take a hormone test (functional test). Your doctors will then prescribe bioidentical hormones based on the result. The prescription and treatment method may be different, as it is based on each patient’s hormone test result.


It contains proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibre, and probiotics. It is a natural ingredient-based supplement with evidence-based formulation promoting detoxification, restoring body enzymes, and rejuvenating cells with antioxidant elements. It is beneficial as it helps to replenish essential nutrients during a diet program.

Ozhean Metabolism Booster

Apart from boosting up the body's metabolism to burn more calories, it also helps to replenish vitamins and minerals that our body lacks, especially with the current lifestyle that we are having. It makes weight loss effective while improving your overall health.

Zulaikha A.Baker
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I sudah bertahun try nak kurus/diet and went to a few aesthetic clinics in Malaysia. Enrolled myself in the gym last year, but susah nak turun. My main problem is my eating habits. I like Ozhean Clinic cause the doctor really shows his sincerity, dia memang ajar how to kuruskan badan and how to use the medication. Sebulan I try this, I turun 6kg!
Agnes L.
Read More
The doctor and consultants are friendly and attentive. They would give detailed explanations before and during the treatment. And I managed to see some differences after my first treatment. Thank you!
Read More
Excellent aesthetic clinic in KL. The treatments are effective, and the doctor and staff are professional and caring. They do follow-ups with my progress and are very patient and willing to answer my many questions.
Jackson C.Auditor
Read More
These weight loss treatments were great! As I have been wanting to get rid of the “spare tire” around my waist with diet and exercise, but the progress was slow with not much result seen. But with their body slimming treatment, I finally managed to fit in the shirt that I couldn’t fit in previously.


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