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Functional Test

A functional test will examine your vital organs through a simple blood taking procedure. It is advisable for everyone to conduct a functional test at a certified clinic in Malaysia, at least once, to have a baseline of their health.


Some of our most popular functional tests in Malaysia include:

Full Blood Count

A test where we will measure the size of your blood cells, blood type and the amount of red blood cell, platelet and white blood cells.

Renal Profile

Will measure your kidney function to measure its efficiency.

Liver Function Test

A test to measure the liver enzymes and metabolism by the liver, the centre of detoxification and fat metabolism.

Cholesterol Profile

To detect the level of HDL/LDL and total cholesterol as well as triglyceride in the body and blood as well.

Troponin - I

Heart enzyme to rule out cardiac related diseases will also be included in our blood tests.

Urine Test

Urine output to check for any infections.

Hormone Test

Depending on the condition, we will do a check-up on your thyroid, pituitary, and adrenal hormones (Hormone tests are important as the test results can be linked to BHRT).

Metabolism Test - Organic Acid Test

Organic tests can help to evaluate our key biomarkers of metabolism. With a first-morning void urine collection, we can obtain personalized micronutrient status and give recommendations for vitamin and mineral cofactors and digestive support recommendations based on a patient's individual biochemical metabolism.

It is always better to catch any imbalances in our body before it escalates into a "disease". Organic acid tests can detect micro-imbalances of your body's metabolism so that we can prevent it from turning into a disease level.


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