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Say Goodbye to Saggy Skin With Our Personalised HIFU Treatment

Hifu Treatment KL, Malaysia

We help you to remove fine lines, wrinkles and ageing skin with customised solutions for your skin type. Visit us to know more about HIFU treatment price today!

Why Choose
Hifu Treatment

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is a non-surgical treatment for tightening, firming and lifting of the skin using high-intensity ultrasound, thus tightening deep tissues in the skin’s layers and stimulating collagen reproduction into your skin. 

At Ozhean, we are the only ones who provide this personalised treatment, which can help you achieve a slim and youthful appearance immediately after treatment and retain your natural facial expressions.

Benefits of This Combination Treatment

Boosting collagen production

Remove unwanted fats

Skin tightening, lifting and firming

Enhance jawline naturally

Reduce the appearance of wrinkles

More prominent chin and jawline

Save unproportioned face

Rejuvenates & tightens saggy skin over face, neck and body parts

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The High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) facelift, like any other cosmetic procedure, does have its own list of adverse effects. The good news is that such adverse effects are minor and only last a little while. Patients may experience some mild discomfort during the treatment, however, it will diminish once the procedure is over. Since the HIFU treatment’s frequency waves penetrate deep into the skin, it may cause temporary numbness. However, this is a rare thing. Blotching of the skin and moderate swelling are two other temporary and rare side effects that might occur during and after therapy. These mild side effects usually disappear within a day or two.

HIFU is a non-surgical, safe treatment designed to tighten the skin efficiently for all types of skin. HIFU has also been used for almost 50 years all around the world. Someone with severe sagging skin issues would be encouraged to attend repeated sessions. 

Our experienced aesthetic practitioners will apply a numbing cream before the treatment procedure, so you will only feel a little discomfort that would last a few seconds. Heatwaves are transmitted into the skin during HIFU invasive treatments. As an outcome, you may get a mildly unfamiliar heat sensation. Those heatwaves stimulate the tightening of collagen and muscle tissues. Once you begin to feel warm ultrasonic waves, you will realize that collagen fibres are being generated. The latest HIFU therapies, such as Intracel RF, are believed to cause little to no discomfort, which is beneficial for persons with a low tolerance level.

For most cases, the HIFU facelift therapy includes relatively little recovery or downtime. Whenever you obtain your HIFU treatment, you won’t have to worry about your outing plans.

HIFU is a non-invasive treatment that efficiently lifts the skin of the face (face lifting) and removes fat. After 12 to 18 months, facelift treatments might be continued. You should expect the double chin or jawline reduction may require one or multiple sessions to achieve the best outcome. A v-shape face is expected after the skin tightening procedure is completed.

Why Choose Ozhean

With full adaptation of trademarked program created by a team of experienced Korea’s aesthetic doctors, conducted by our Malaysian professional doctors and with the use of most advance instruments, we strive to provide the most effective treatment program for you.

Safe And Skill

The treatment performed by certified and experienced doctors and team

Continuous Training and Improvisation

Constantly improve our skills and services with our Korea's plastic surgeon and dermatologist

Experienced and Internationally Recognized

We have been in business for over 6 years with over 8 outlets internationally

Meet The Team

Dr Park Ji-Youn
(M.D, Ph.D)

Founder / Managing Director

Dr Lee Yongseok


Dr Nigel Ong Tat Wai

Medical Director

Dr Ho Foo Soon

Dr Mikayla Chang Mei Ngoi (M.D)

Our Trademark

As we believed, every faces has their own unique beauty and features. It is impossible to treat all faces with just a singular way with a single laser machine or treatment.

FIT is a customized, individualized premium program that is FIT to each faces to brings out the optimal result. We customized premium lasers, anti aging treatment and facial program with combination of different treatments to achieve the best results. Since 2015, Ozhean Korea have transformed more than 20,000 faces, with more than 85% of our customer that took our FIT program are repeat and satisfied customers. It is our mission to transform lives one face at a time.

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