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Top-Notch Reasons To Visit Our Aesthetic Clinic for FUE Hair Transplant Services in Malaysia

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As he aged, Lucius noticed that his hair was thinning and developed a noticeable bald spot on the crown of his head, making him feel self-conscious. He tried to style his hair differently to hide the bald spot — short curls, brushed forward hair, faux hawk — but as it became more pronounced, he found it increasingly difficult to conceal. 

Embarrassed by people who kept glancing at his bald spot, Lucius quickly sought advice from a doctor about his predicament. He was diagnosed with male pattern baldness and was prescribed medication to decelerate the hair loss. While the medication helped to some extent, Lucius still lacked confidence and decided to visit an aesthetic clinic in Kuala Lumpur and get an FUE hair transplant to restore his hair.

What is FUE Hair Transplant?

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a hair transplant procedure where hair follicles are harvested through microscopic circular incisions on the scalp. The extraction areas are usually from the sides or the back of the head (donor area) and transplanted to areas of the scalp where hair is balding or thinning (recipient area). 

Find out the FUE hair transplant in Malaysia cost at the end of this article.

The reasons why you should do the FUE hair transplant in Malaysia.

# 1 Genetic reason

Genetic factors can play a substantial role in hair loss, particularly for male pattern baldness. This hereditary condition is due to the combination of genetic and hormonal factors that affects up to 70% of men at some point in their lives. 

In women, genetic factors may also play a role in hair loss. Female pattern hair loss is also hereditary and can be triggered by hormonal imbalances or changes, such as those that occur during menopause or pregnancy.

In both men and women, scheduling hair transplant surgery in a hair transplant center in Malaysia can be an effective answer to tackle the problem caused by genetic factors.

#2: Injury or scarring

Hair loss can occur as a result of scalp injury or scarring due to severe burns, trauma to the scalp from accidents, falls, sports injuries, folliculitis, or acne.  Its underlying condition must be treated and stabilized before the FUE hair transplant in Malaysia can be considered. The reason is that doctors need to assess the availability of healthy hair follicles when determining the suitability of the procedure.

Also, scarred skin may have decreased success and survival rates compared to non-scarred skin, mainly because of the presence of abnormal scar tissue causing it to be less durable. 

But don’t lose hope yet because undergoing an FUE hair transplant is the next closest way to restore hair naturally. Hair experts suggest to undergo fat grafts or administer Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injections to increase vascularity — the blood circulation in the scalp — that promotes hair growth. The success rate may not be as high as non-scarred skin but it is still possible to encourage hair growth.

#3 FUE is safe

Stepping into an aesthetic clinic in Kuala Lumpur will provide you with a personalized treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. FUE hair transplant is generally considered safe when performed by a qualified and experienced doctor at a trusted hair transplant clinic in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The procedure is minimally invasive, which means that it minimizes the risk of scarring and nerve damage, as well as reduces the risk of bleeding, infection, and post-operative pain.

Unlike other hair transplant methods, FUE does not necessitate the removal of a large strip of skin from the scalp, which can result in scarring and lengthy healing time. Instead, the hair transplant expert uses a specialized tool to extract individual hair follicles one at a time, leaving behind small, circular incisions that heal quickly without visible scarring.

#4 Get natural-looking hair

When executed by a competent hair transplant doctor from the aesthetic clinic in KL, this procedure can yield a satisfying result that blends flawlessly with the patient’s existing hair. The expert will ensure that the transplanted follicles are oriented at the correct angle and direction, to replicate the natural growth pattern of the hair. 

The goal is to blend harmoniously the transplanted hair with the existing hair, producing a result that appears natural and neatly styled.

#5 To enhance your look and regain your self-esteem

Since hair loss can be a dispiriting and emotionally taxing experience — leading to a negative self-perception and diminished self-esteem, hair transplant surgery is a transformative procedure and is indeed the solution to imbuing individuals with renewed confidence and an elevated self-image. 

The aesthetic results of FUE hair transplant in Malaysia can be long-lasting and impactful, allowing patients to feel more confident, attractive, and self-assured. Ultimately, a hair transplant solution can be a powerful tool for individuals seeking to reclaim their appearance, bolster their self-esteem, and enhance their quality of life.

Hair transplant Malaysia price

When it comes to hair transplants in Malaysia, the price varies depending on the type of procedure, the number of grafts required, and the clinic where you receive treatment. In general, FUE hair transplant tends to be more expensive than other methods, but it is also the most advanced and least invasive option. 

To get a better idea of hair transplants in Malaysia’s price, it’s a good idea to schedule a consultation with Ozhean Clinic, the best aesthetic clinic in Kuala Lumpur. During this consultation, you can discuss your goals, learn more about the procedure, and get an accurate quote for the cost of your treatment with our specialized FUE hair transplant team.