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FUE Hair Transplant

Stop hiding with hats; it’s time to regain your self-confidence! What if we tell you, you can achieve a head full of hair that’s:

  • Safe, effective, and minimally invasive
  • Fast recovery time with minimal scarring
  • Permanent hair loss solution
  • Look years younger

Some individuals have probably undergone bypasses or experienced sudden hair loss, thus resulting in regular hair treatment being ineffective. These individuals can opt for hair transplantation or FUE (follicular unit extraction). However, before you decide to undergo FUE, our doctors will do a full health consultation to assess whether you are a suitable candidate to do the procedure. They will do no incision or surgical intervention during the consultation!

Causes of Receding Hair Line

Genetic Factors

Hormonal Changes



Step 1

Consultation Hair Screening

Step 2

Hair Line Design

Step 3

Shaving at Harvest Area

Step 4

Preparing Material

Step 7

Harvest of Hair Follicle

Step 9

Hair Follicle Segregation

Step 10

Planting of Hair Follicle

Step 11


Step 12

Post Care Apply Medication at Harvest Area


Some of our most popular hair transplant treatments in Malaysia include:

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE hair restoration is known as Follicular Unit Extraction of hair follicles. It is the most advanced technique or hair treatment for severe hair loss. It acts as relocation of your healthy hair follicles to the bald spot, and it will be there to stay once the wound heals. The unique FUE hair transplant method uses punch blades that are less than 1 mm in diameter, the wound of the donor and recipient area is minimal, leading to faster recovery time. It is not a surgical procedure.

Why Choose Ozhean Clinic

  1. We Have A Specialize FUE Team – A designated team that specialising in FUE Hair Transplant in Malaysia.
  2. Safe And Skilled Experts – The treatment is performed by a team of certified and experienced doctors.
  3. High Satisfaction – The success rate of the FUE Hair Transplant at our clinic is high.
  4. Aftercare service – We continue to give concentrated care to the patient such as post-care set, daily observation with scalp cleansing and medication during the critical first week after the treatment, and periodic follow up to ensure the transplanted hair grow healthily.
  5. Korea advance hairline design method – The doctor will design the hairline and/or crown area according to your requirement and what best fits you.
Zhun RongGeneral Manager
Read More
I have been suffering from receding hairlines since my university days which hit hard on my self-confidence. Glad that the hair transplant treatment managed to improve my hairline and self-confidence.
Daniel C.Business Analyst
Read More
I never thought I could solve my crown baldness until I was introduced to FUE hair transplantation treatment. I was amazed by the result!
Mika L.Finance Advisor
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After doing so much research and consultation with the doctor on hair restoration, I have finally decided to try FUE treatment. I am so happy that I no longer need to hide my hair loss problem with hats and switching hairlines!
Zakaria Y.Project Coordinator
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The experience is worth the result, and I definitely feel much more confident about my hair. Also, I would like to extend my gratitude to the professional team of Ozhean Clinic.


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