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I want to be Better Self

With great improvement of quality of life, comes greater demand of qualities of appearance. It is very common for patient seeking for aesthetic improvement of their appearance, but when not properly done, it can caused many harm to health and even permanent damage to their facial appearance. Many people comes with an idolization of other people appearance not realizing him/herself is unique by his/her own.

Many Asians have small chins, flat nose, and depressed foreheads compared with Caucasians. To augment those areas, insertion of implants such as silicon, cartilage, bone, or fat grafts is commonly used. Because many patients want a simple and safe procedure instead of surgeries, Dermal Filler or PDO thread can be an alternative option to augment those areas.

In Ozhean AM Clinic, our artistic doctors will unlock the beauty source code for you and determine the perfect augmentation to get a natural look. We wish to keep your originality while strive for a better-self.

The Beauty Source Code

Golden Ratio

In Asian culture, Baby face is very popular and the ratio between the upper, mid-, and lower face represented as 1:1: 0.8. For patient who wish to had a more mature look, ration 1:1:1 can be done.


The E-plane is a line drawn from the tip of the nose to the tip of the chin. To have a pleasing facial pro le for the average face, the lower lip should be 2 mm behind the line, and the upper lip 4 mm behind the line. Thus chin correction is usually done together with nose thread to achieve a facial harmony.

If the patient’s profile appears very convex, the chin and the forehead area can be augmented by derma filler.

The Conclusion

We will achieved a natural, harmony, and a better-self look when performing an facial augmentation on patient. We emphasized on a good consultation with patient to understand the patient needs and expectation before doing any procedure. There is different material of derma filler, threads and also biostimulator which is suitable for different condition. Our doctors will explain in detail of each treatment during consultation.