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HIFU – Non-Invasive Treatment Trend in Korea

HIFU - Non-invasive face lift treatment

HIFU  –  Ultracel Q+

ULTRAcel Q+ is a non-surgical treatment for tightening, firming and lifting for skin using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU). With ULTRAcel Q+ which is one of the fastest and most effective HIFU machine in the market, the whole procedure can be done in less than 30 minutes!

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HIFU - Non-Surgical face lift treatment

HIFU which sometimes also known as ultrasound therapy shoots ultrasound waves into the skin, where they act by heating targeted tissue thus tightening the SMAS (deep tissues) and stimulating the face`s natural collagen production.

After a treatment there is usually a noticeable instant tightening. As early as 2 week after the treatment, the face will start producing collagen, where the result of skin tightens and firms will start showing significantly. Besides that, there’s a bonus to it too, HIFU treatment is also good to remove unwanted fats which makes it the perfect treatment for:

  • Fine wrinkles / lines
  • Saggy skin
  • Skin firming and lifting for face
  • Those who are worried about pain and long downtime
How do HIFU work - Face

Is HIFU safe?

Another main concern for this wonderful machine is, how safe is it? It is actually very safe and has no side-effect at all.

As mentioned above the treatment is painless and it has very minimal to no downtime, most customers will only experience minimal redness over treated area lasting for a few hours up to a day. It will not damage your nerve or blood vessels as the depth of the blade is designed to reach the designated layers of the whole face. And it is FDA approved!

How does HIFU work?

HIFU will heat up and stimulate 3 layers of the skin which are the

          1. Deep layer of the face (Dermis)
          2. Fat layer (Subcutaneous)
          3. SMAS layer of the face (fascia of the face)

When heating up the dermis of the face, it will stimulate collagenesis which in return produce more collagen in that layer. Thus, providing more collagen build up continuously for the next coming few months. Therefore, providing an anti-aging effect.

HIFU - Non-Invasive face lift treatment

Upon heating up the fat layers of the face, it will help to reduce extra fat over the layers and therefore making the area slimmer. Unwanted fats will be destroyed and excreted on by our lymphatic system naturally.

When directly in contact with the SMAS layer, it will also help to tighten up the layer and thus, giving a lifting effect for the face. SMAS will then tighten up and prevent excess fat from “leaking” out to other fat compartments.

HIFU or Thread Lift?

Which treatment is suitable for you? It is best if you are able to come for a free consultation by our professional doctor.

As certain face conditions require combination treatment or vice versa, this due to the difference of face structure and shape. Some issues might be due to aging or inherited face structure. Therefore, it is highly advisable for a consultation with our professional doctor first before treatment.

Can HIFU be used on the body as well?

The answer is YES!

As mentioned earlier, by heating up the fat layers, it will help to reduce the extra fat. Hence, certain areas such as thin or smaller body areas (depending on the individual) might develop some excess fat or skin. Some examples, such as: bra bungle area, armpit, forearm, the area around the shin or the knee area, etc.

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How do HIFU work - Body

This can be done with Ultracel Q+ as it has different probes which can be used to facilitate to treat those areas unlike others traditional machines that can only use to treat face.

Prepared by:

Dr Ho Foo Soon

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