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7 Natural Ways To Maintain Smooth & Beautiful Skin – A Korean Health & Beauty Guide


Your quest for flawless, radiant skin is a path shared worldwide. We’ve all heard stories of people going to extreme lengths to achieve that coveted Korean “glass skin” look. Ooh la la!

But did you know that getting good skin doesn’t mean having to spend big bucks on pricey skincare products or elaborate routines? We’re telling you the opposite! Many simple, cost-effective, and natural techniques work wonders in maintaining smooth and beautiful skin—and you can do them right in the comfort of your home.

So here are 7 Korean beauty secrets that you can incorporate into your daily life:


1. Steam It Up

Every day can be a spa day. Pamper yourself and start your day off with a DIY spa session! If you’re not a fan of cold showers in the morning, then a quick steamy shower is just the thing for you. 

The steam opens your pores and helps release toxins, dirt, oil, and other impurities trapped under your skin. You’ll walk out of the bathroom feeling refreshed and recharged, with skin cleaner and smoother than a baby’s bottom.

2. Facial Massage Magic

Facial massage exercises are like a mini workout for your face. Not only are they a fantastic way to promote blood flow, but they also help make your skin more elastic and reduce puffiness. 

There are many options you can choose from: fancy facial rollers or high-tech gadgets that come in all shapes and sizes, and even your own hands! Gently move your hands in upward or downward motions to give your facial muscles a lift and sculpt your skin for a refreshed look.


3. The Power of Ban-Shin-Yok

Have you heard of ban-shin-yok? It means “half-body bath”. This ancient Korean beauty technique has been passed down for generations for good reason. 

Here’s how you take a ban-shin-yok:

Step 1:  Fill up your bathtub with hot water.

Step 2: Get in the bathtub and soak up to just below your belly button (head, arms, and upper body stay above water)

Step 3: Relax and enjoy for about half an hour.

Your body will thank you for this detoxifying experience that boosts blood circulation, digestion, and muscle relaxation.

4. Exfoliation is Key

Regular exfoliation is crucial for keeping your skin smooth and glowing. If your car needs a good cleaning and polishing to look shiny and fabulous, your skin is the same.

But instead of harsh scrubs, Koreans often use a damp washcloth to exfoliate gently. Remember, you’re softly rubbing your skin to remove dead cells, not scrubbing a dirty wok. This simple yet effective method will leave you with a brighter and healthier complexion.


5. Brightening with Some Lemoning

Lemons are your friends. This yummy yellow fruit is a natural source of vitamin C. You need vitamin C for growing and repairing body tissues. When applied to your skin, it also encourages new collagen to grow. You know, the protein that keeps your skin firm and from sagging? 

So try adding lemon-infused face wash into your skincare routine for a natural brightening boost. Mix the juice of ½ lemon, ½ teaspoon of honey, and ½ teaspoon of sugar to make your very own natural face cleanser. If you have sensitive skin, please dilute the lemon juice with water before applying it to your skin.

6. Face Masks for the Win

Beauty face masks have been keeping wrinkly skin at bay for thousands of years. Korean face masks are all the rage for giving your skin a boost of nourishment and hydration. These masks are packed with all the good stuff your skin needs.

Whether you’re looking for options on moisturising, brightening, or pore-shrinking, there’s a mask just for you! So slap one on for a quick 15-minute pampering session for visibly smoother and tighter skin. 

Better yet, check out our exclusive skincare gem, the De:H Bio Cellulose Mask for greater results!


7. HIFU Treatment for a More Defined Look

While our previous tips covered natural techniques for smooth and dazzling skin, here’s another option for you to consider: High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) treatment. It is an advanced solution offered right here at Ozhean Clinic.

This procedure is non-invasive, meaning you don’t have to undergo surgery. Yay! We use ultrasound energy to gently heat the deeper layers of your skin, promoting collagen production and breaking down stubborn fat.  The result? A brand-new you with a slimmer, more defined facial contour that’ll get heads turning for sure!

Affordable HIFU Treatment in Malaysia

The price of HIFU treatment in Malaysia varies depending on the area you want to target. Other factors include your skin’s condition and how many sessions you’ll need. Don’t break your bank without good reason. 

That’s why we recommend booking a consultation with our experienced Ozhean doctors first to get a clearer idea of what you need. They’ll chat with you to discuss your skincare goals and give you a personalised suggestion. It’s that easy!

Natural Beauty With a Natural Lifestyle

Discovering these Korean beauty secrets is just the beginning. Living a healthy lifestyle with good habits and a proper skincare routine is the perfect recipe for achieving your dream skin.

So don’t hesitate to experiment and try new things to find what works best for you! Your skin will be glowing before you know it. Your future self will thank you for it!