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Bellasonic2x: The Healthy Cell Treatment Facial for everyone

Korea believes healthy skin starts from healthy skin cell. The beauty trend in Korea had shifted to more holistic skin management including cellular level retreat in between aesthetic treatment. Bellasonic2x is very popular in Korea because it had been scientifically proven to make your cell younger. Younger cell produce younger skin!

How Bellasonic2x works?

Bellasonic2X had 2 main function using 2 different handpiece.


Use DUO frequency ultrasound to create “microbubble” inside the cell. These microbubble will “wake up” the cell. Just 15 minutes of the procedure can significantly increase heat shock proteins (HSP) and GAG protein in the skin cell. Studies shown that younger cell had higher HSP. In another words, Bellasonic2x makes your skin cell younger. Healthy cell produce good volume of collagen and retain moisture better. It is very suitable for troubled skin too: sensitive skin, dry skin, and acne prone skin.


Ultrasound gently opens up micro channel in skin to facilitate penetration of active ingredient into skin. Skin is made waterproof to protect our body from external pollutant/chemical. In many skincare, there is unregulated use of chemical enhancer to break down skin barrier to enhance the absorption of active ingredient. However with long term use, disruption of skin barrier will cause redness, sensitive and dry skin. Sonophoresis technology(Bellapact) is an healthy alternative to skin where it delivers active ingredient into skin without causing damage to skin. In fact, ultrasound energy stimulate skin cell renewal, regeneration and detoxification to achieve cellular rejuvenation.

How long to see the effect?

Immediately after Bellasonic2x, skin is calm and less red. The next day, you will wake up with hydrated, dewy and moist skin. Due to effect of Vitamin C infusion by Bellapact, skin felt brighter and more glowing. Many customer even experience a more firm and lifted skin. Younger cell produce younger, lifting skin!

Is there any side effect?

No, it is very safe, painless procedure with no redness/downtime. Bellasonic2x is suitable for all skin type. There is only mild buzzing sound during treatment produced by ultrasound wave.

Why Ozhean AM Clinic?

In Ozhean AM Clinic, we use only Korea dermatologist formulated treatment. We are the first to import Korea Medical Grade Bellasonic2x treatment to Malaysia. We recommend Bellasonic2x after aesthetic treatment to calm down skin, reduce redness and improve treatment outcome. Most people experience 50% less redness with bellasonic2x immediately right after laser treatment. Bellasonic2x is highly recommended for sensitive skin, dry skin and acne prone skin.

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